Welcome to all you Nifty Futures traders out there. Whether you dream of achieving financial freedom through systematic Index Futures trading or wish to create a regular source of income, this website, I believe, will assist you in doing just that.
The site has been created to guide Nifty Futures traders esp. new & inexperienced ones who are looking out for a stable and consistent way of trading. I am sure a lot of you would have had some forgettable experiences when you started trading & the markets can be hard task masters for newcomers. I know this as my initial months in Futures trading were exactly like that. But now I can confidently say that, with the right guidance, and with the help of Technical Analysis, anyone can become a successful trader & make consistent profits.

• The traded value for the last six months of all Nifty stocks is approximately 42.66% of the traded value of all stocks on the NSE.
• Nifty stocks represent about 53.83% of the total market capitalization as on Dec 31, 2007.
Trade in Nifty to keep the home fires burning – Mr. Vijay Bhambhwani

Welcome to Nifty Profits

Feel free to browse through the information available here & also to ask me any questions you might have by using the “Contact Us” icon. You can also call me after market hours & I shall be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

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